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Spring Basket- tutorial

Create elegant gift baskets.

Let's get crafting!
All you need is:
-Rounded Scallop Window Die
-Ticket and Tags dies
-Luxe Gold Cardstock
-Deluxe shaping flower paper
-lid 3 ''
-fresh hydrangea stamp
-fresh Hydrangea die
-Wild Aster Spray
-hydrangea stamps set
-hydrangea die
-3 d hydrangea mold
-Ranger archival ink jet black
-vivid chatreuse
-bamboo leaves
-hot glue

Step 1: Using the Rounded Scallop Window Die, cut 2 sides for the basket from Luxe Gold Cardstock.
Tip Top: For a precise cut on intricate dies, run through the diecutting machine a couple of times, rotating each time.

Step 2: Cut 2 eyelet strips from Luxe Gold cardstock using Ticket and Tags Die.

Step 3: Draw and cut a circle from a Luxe Gold cardstock 3 '' in diameter.
TOP TIP: When cutting out a circle remember to make it smaller.

Step 4: Adhere the diecuts together, overlapping as shown.
Tip Top: Sand the edges with a nail file or sandpaper to ensure better adhesion.

Step 5: Using hot glue, adhere the two eyelet strips to the inside of the basket, one on each side.

Step 6: Join them in the middle using hot glue. Insert and glue the cut gold circle inside the basket.
Tip Top: If you want to decorate the handle with a floral composition, additionally connect the strips with an staple for stability.

Step 7: Stamp the Wild Aster Sprays and the leaves from the Fresh Hydrangea onto Deluxe Flower Shaping Paper using Ranger Archival Ink Pad - Jet Black. Color using the green ink and die cut using the coordinating dies.
Tip Top: You're only using the leaves so limit hydrangea stamping to the leaves themselves, sealing the upper portion of the stamp with tape. 

Step 8: To create the flowers, stamp the Cottage Garden Hydrangea flowers on Deluxe Flower Shaping Paper with Jet Black Archival ink and die cut using the coordinating dies.
Colour the hydrangeas with Manganese Blue, Chrome Yellow and Rose Bud inks, using a sponge dauber. Apply a little green color to the center. You will need 2 petals for each flower, using assorted sizes.
 Tip Top: Color the flowers on both sides.

Step 9: After colouring, place the flowers  into the mold face down and run through cutting/embossing machine.

Step 10: Use 2 sizes of petals. Pierce a hole in the center and insert the stamens. Add glue to each petal and the bottom of the flowers.

Step 11: Create tufts of different colors and combine with leaves using a hot glue gun.

Step 12: All that is left to do is decorate. Combine flowers with leaves and sprays, arrange on a piece of gauze. Glue the whole composition to the front of the basket.

Step 13: In the same way, create a composition on the handle and add ribbon and string.

Step 14: Use your own creativity to create different floral combinations on the baskets. Fill the baskets with candies or chocolates and you have a beautiful gift.

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